Happy holidays!

Hello guys!

As you probably already know, we released Oppaidius Summer Trouble! on Steam.


I tell you, launching a game was quite stressful! If you're developing a game and making all the art/scenario etc. by yourself, the emotional taxing at the launch could be rather weighty. But, we had a lot of positive feedbacks and very good reviews, so I guess I could be mildly happy now :)

With this, we delivered all of Kickstarter rewards (if you still didn't receive them, let me know) and kept all my words during the crowdfunding campaign.

Now, the usual holiday card (this time I "snatched" the asset from a certain videogame company, by the way I gave them a lot of money during this 2018 so I hope they don't mind too much about this):

It is a way to look back at this 2018, in my intentions. And, what a year it was. I hope you will have fun with the game, and continue to follow us during 2019 as well.

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy new year! 

Vittorio and the team 

P.S.: Join Oppaidius Discord if you haven't, already ;)

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