A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Another summer closed in your room, with just videogames and take-away food... until an incredible girl rings at your door...!
Featuring FM original music, japanese computer PC-98 inspired backgrounds, and boobs!


Oppaidius-Demo-1.2.5 Windows 141 MB
Oppaidius-Demo-1.2.5 Mac 127 MB
Oppaidius-Demo-1.2.5 Linux 126 MB

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Is it in your planning to release the full version here on Itch?

Hi, unfortunately at the moment only on Steam, maybe in the future!

Relly great, I love the humor and a smart use of speech box! Thank you, I really want to try the full version now!


We still have to wait a little bit for the full version ^^' but I have a lot of surprises for it, my friend!

Astonishing! 5* 

Thank you!

Fantastic, incredible Game! Amazing

Thank you!