March update + Announcement!


Oppaidius' April internal build is ready, it has been sent to top backers few minutes ago.

I have an announcement today. As you know, Oppaidius has an awesome soundtrack, made by the talented Luca Della Regina and 3 great japanese guest musicians.

The full game will have TWO more japanese guest musicians, not announced during crowdfunding campaign. Please note-the whole Kickstarter budget is already pretty much “reserved”, so those 2 new musicians are a “gift” from your naughty friends at SbargiSoft :)

The first one is Hideki Higuchi. Oppaidius is a love letter to japanese videogames, especially visual novels… so having a musician like him on board is such an honor. He worked on many visual novels and eroges, both on PC and consoles (Popotan, Elysion, Clannad, etc…), and he produced for us an arranged track so beautiful I almost cried the first time I listened to it :)

Here’s his comment:

Thank you very much, as always.

Vittorio and the team

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